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Upon the Ocean's Calm

(Music and lyrics: Jesús Díez García)

When I am gone remember I dreamt,

remember I smiled,



Now that you're tired

and reached the end

Lay down your head

I'm here to comfort you


With newborn eyes

thrilled in discovery

this new world chant

like healing lullabies


Sing again our song

of eternal loving grace

the stream's sweet symphony

waves in the pond


Of deep blue skies

of new forgotten shores

where we can hope

and a new beginning's born


Such a perfect bloom

Sakura blessed our path

of tears undropped

of warm comforting sun


Shine on my dreams

upon the fearless lands

the time to rest (my love)

to say farewell for now


Your spirit strong and pure

has always inspire me

fly through the skies at night

upon the ocean's calm


Now kiss me one last time

leave all your fears behind

one last deep sigh

go gather with stars


Never meant to stop this quest

My wish to reach the stars

The impermanence of being

The lonely final walk


You were victorious

Believing in your dream

It'll never be the same

Your courage will remain

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