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I am a music composer, guitar player and lyricist from Albacete, Spain, currently living in London. My first compositions date from the last years of the past millennium. In 2005 I co-founded the symphonic metal band Níobeth, with which I released two albums in Europe and Japan, The Shining Harmony of Universe (2008) and Silvery Moonbeams (2011), accompanied by three music videos and dozens of live concerts, including some of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Spain, like Leyendas del Rock and Viña Rock, a performance with a choir and a tour with the Norwegian band Sirenia in 2009.

After moving to London in 2013, I had the opportunity to perform with the SOAS Minyo group of the University of London. My time with them involved mainly rehearsals and workshops, and also some live performances, one of them in the Japan Matsuri 2013 in Trafalgar Square.

In 2016 I released my first solo album, Mono no Aware, which includes compositions such as Sadako's Wings of Hope, Farewell to the Moon, Underneath the Stars and Wistful Weaver, featuring symphonic metal with traditional Japanese instruments like the koto and the shamisen. In 2019 I produced a music video of the song Mono no Aware, recorded in Kyoto and Albacete.

Jesús Díez García musician
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Níobeth Jesús Díez
Jesús Díez - Mono no Aware - Teatro Circ
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