This website showcases my music compositions as well as some of my photographies and other activities I carry out like writing and video games localisation production. You can also find some interviews at the bottom of this page.

Ever since I can remember, my mind has often wandered in worlds of fantasy and adventure, giving birth to a yearning that I channel through creativity and music.

Besides composing and listening to music, I like video games, writing, reading, photography, science, board games, travelling and food. In the past, I have also written in media and given some lectures, experiences that I find really exciting and enriching.

My first compositions date from the last years of the past millennium. In 2005 I co-founded  the band Níobeth in my hometown, Albacete. The band released two albums in Europe and Japan, The Shining Harmony of Universe and Silvery Moonbeams, and toured several times, including some of the biggest rock and metal festivals in Spain, like Leyendas del Rock and Viña Rock, and a tour with the Norwegian band Sirenia.

In 2016 I released my first solo album, Mono no Aware, which includes compositions as Sadako's Wings of Hope, Farewell to the Moon, Underneath the Stars and Wistful Weaver. In 2019, a music video of Mono no Aware was released.

You are most welcome to explore this site, where you can listen to my musicbuy it digitally or in CD format, or get in touch if you are looking for a soundtrack for your video game, film or project.

Interviews about my music album Mono no Aware

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Interview with La Tribuna (2017).

Interview with La Tribuna (2013).

Interviews about video games

Interview with Fantasy Cloud about Final Fantasy XV.

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