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Below are several articles and columns I wrote about video games, Japan and other topics (in Spanish), as well as the lyrics for the songs I wrote.
Articles about video games.
Articles about Japan and lectures.

· Nihon no Sakura, my blog about Japan.

· Gion, el distrito de las geishas (article originally published in Mensa Spain's Omnia magazine).

· ¿Fue Hiroshima necesario? (article translated from the original Was Hiroshima Necessary? by Mark Weber).

· Estética y belleza japonesa (lecture on Japanese aesthetics).

· La singularidad (lecture on artificial superintelligence).

· El lenguaje de los videojuegos (lecture on video game design).

Dreaming (2010)

· Dreaming.


The Shining Harmony of Universe (2008)

· The Whisper of Rain.

· A Frightening Shiver.

· Rhyme for my Gone Beloved.

· My Silence Within.

· The Awakening.


Infinite Ocean of Stars (2006)

· The Singing of a Lonely Soul.

· A Shine Over Time.

Mono no Aware (2016)


· Sadako's Wings of Hope.

· Farewell to the Moon.

· Underneath the Stars.

· Mono no Aware.

· Choose your Adventure.

· Wistful Weaver.

· Upon the Ocean's Calm.

Silvery Moonbeams (2011)

· Eclipse.

· Withered Lullabies.

· Campeón.

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