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Mono no Aware brings powerful symphonic metal together with Japanese traditional instruments, such as the koto, the shamisen and the taiko, in a unique and thrilling musical journey through the melancholic fleeting beauty of existence.

Solo album. Recorded in London (UK) and Valencia (Spain).

Released in 2016.


Silvery Moonbeams

Silvery Moonbeams is Níobeth's second album. It received critical praise and was considered the best album of 2011 by editor selection at Sound Cathedral. With a more direct sound, it is the last album released before the breakup of the band.

With Níobeth. Recorded in Agliana (Italy), Valencia (Spain) and Albacete (Spain). Released in 2011.


Dreaming is a short EP composed of 6 tracks. It presents a new song, Dreaming, as well as orchestral arrangements of several others, like The Whisper of Rain, including an orchestral arrangment of Blind Guardian's song And the Story Ends.

With Níobeth. Recorded in Valencia (Spain) and Albacete (Spain).

Released in 2010.

The Shining Harmony of Universe

The Shining Harmony of Universe is the first studio full length album of Níobeth. It establishes the band's style, dark but delicate, elegant and powerful, throughout its 13 tracks and 70 minutes.

With Níobeth. Recorded in Valencia (Spain).

Released in 2008.

Infinite Ocean of Stars

Infinite Ocean of Stars is the demo Níobeth released  before starting to work on their first album. It contains 6 songs and presents ideas that will develop further in The Shining Harmony of Universe.

With Níobeth. Recorded in Albacete (Spain).

Released in 2006.


This is not an album release per se, but here you can listen to two of my soundtracks. One that was composed for a short film and one that was composed for the book trailer of El Tiempo de Viridia, by M.C. Arellano.

Produced in Albacete (Spain) in 2006 and 2014 respectively.

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