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My Silence Within

(Music and lyrics: Jesús Díez García)

My chant trapped in cold walls

My tale covered with these dark clouds

oh why your beauty´s gone

why you? why you my love?

I miss the blue of night

I long for the hope to dance

So blind to see but pain

Waterfall sings despair

Shreds of distant lullabies

Our promise died in vain

Missed sunrise will never come

These chains of sorrow

are too heavy to bear within

My silence screams inside

Trapped in a midnight beam

Shreds of distant lullabies

Our promise died in vain

From this nightmare

I will never wake (ever)

Unblessed crying oceans inside

My river of eternal mourn

Play the last serenade

Misty-eyed angel

Erase my fairy tale

Where was my guardian angel

To watch over me?

(There was no guardian angel)

Where is my little princess

to draw our ship in the wind?

(There´ll be no little princess)

Trapped in a midnight beam

No one can hear my silence within

(Alone in this world voice inside)

I´m already death my love

There is no strengh to run

Nor will to hide

(Nothing) can´t save me from the past

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