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A Firghtening Shiver

(Music and lyrics: Jesús Díez García)

The wind howls with grief...

A frightening shiver

comes from far beyond time

A million tears unborn tells this horrifying storm

Lonely hope may now the sunrise bless your path

Your souls will remain out of the march of time

The frozen instant will stand still beneath the sky

Once you could stare at the stars,

Sing with them and dream together in the shore

If I could just fall back and stop the burying roar of the flames

"Hear my prayer..."

"Silence the pain..."

In your wings there is dust

And blood

Why can´t I

Save your desintegrated dreams?

"Build a wall around my innocence

To protect me against the red inferno,

Save me from hell,

Don´t let go my hand from your care,

Save my name"


"Make me remember when we walked the moonpath,

(Our) hands together within the sweet breeze,

Softly caress my trace drawn under the moonguide,

The ocean will sing my tale forever"

"(I) can´t find you

Burning shadows all around


Among the dust

Ashes dancing in despair"

"(I) can´t see but fire

Pale sky is falling down

(Nightmares hunting me down)

Where is my home?

No... there is no scape"


Once you could stare at the stars,

Dream with them and sing together in the shore

If I could just fall back and stop the deadly roar of the flames

Seeing you smile again in peace

Distant shivers from the past

(Your) Tears echo in the abyss of dreams

I light up a candle for the tormented ones

I wish your souls rest forever in peace

Forever in peace

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